• The products are cleaned by prewashing, washing, rinsing, water stripping and drying. Optionally passivation, lubrication, phosphating, etching, DI water rinsing can be done according to the process requirements. Heating in washing tanks can be done with electricity, heat exchanger or burner.

    Standard features include filtering, vapor absorption, curtains between sections, stripping knives that prevent the passage of liquid between the washing sections, manometers, and pump pressure settings in tunnel type washing machines.

    All equipment used in the machine is made of stainless steel. All equipment can be easily removed and installed.

    The conveyor speed can be adjusted with the speed controller. Process times, washing and temperature values ​​are controlled via PLC display.

    Sterilization and steam units are offered as an option in the machines used in the food industry for the purpose of case washing, tray washing and food equipment washing. We also produce special machines for the food industry.

    Plus Smart Tunnel (Step by Step washing tunnels with step by step positioning)
    Includes specially positioned nozzles for precision parts and specially designed drying systems. You can get information from our company about our special washing machines where ultrasonic system can be used when necessary.

    The following optional equipment and operations are applicable.

    • Filtering
    • Oil stripping
    • DI-Water (PURE WATER) unit
    • Automatic chemical dosing unit