These are the machines where different process suggestions are needed according to the technical specifications.

How do we make machines?

Survey: According to the content of the project, on-site inspections are made during and after the bid stage and requirements are put forward.
Project: With the provision of data, draft designs and the equipment to be used are selected according to alternative solutions.
Design: Choosing the most appropriate one among the alternatives, detailed design is made and periodical discussions are made with the customer. If necessary, additions are made according to customer recommendations.
Simulation: If there are unpredictable points according to the situation of the project, it is modeled with simulation support and proceeded with realistic approaches.
Manufacturing: After the design, the manufacturing process starts with customer approval and the process is followed according to washing sensitivity and time constraint.
Pre-acceptance: Trials are made with the arrival of the samples and revisions are performed, if any.
Installation: With the customer shipment approval, the system is installed in the planned location.
Commissioning: Arrangements are made according to the installation conditions, final acceptance process starts with new trials. Chemical process support is provided in case of need.
Training: System operators and responsible personnel are given necessary trainings and final acceptance process is completed.
Maintenance: According to the project criteria, the necessary maintenance process is followed under the guarantee.