• This type of machines minimizes the cleaning time and offers zero touch cleaning opportunity with its fully automatic multistation ultrasonic washing. They are mostly preferred in fast production and hygiene required production areas. They are used in the sectors like medical, food, automotive etc.

    Transfer of the parts to get cleaned between stations are provided by the robots with PLC controls. Carrying hooks carry the baskets with zero touch from first station to exit conveyor.Due to fully programmable PLC controlled system, parameters below can be set according to the need:
    • Presence time in the stations
    • Carrying speed
    • Water temperatures
    • Drying temperature and time
    • Moving distances of baskets in two different axes
    • Opening and closing timings of entrance and exit caps
    • Being able to save different washing programs
    Total washing process can be foreseen on the system after defining the parameters above with the help of simulation program. This provides an advantage to clients on business planning.

    Safety Precautions
    Many safety precautions have also taken in the system:
    • Water level sensors prevents any breakdown by working ultrasonic units in a water free circle.
    • Emergency stop buttons are available on machine’s distant points.
    • Collision prevention system which enables to shut down system automatically during basket or cover jamming.
    • High temperature and parasite protection on ultrasonic units.
    • Searchlight that indicates the system’s working condition.
    • Accidents prevented by transparent cabinet which enables to observe inside.
    • A booklet that includes safety tags and safety instructions.
    Each process below may include in the fully automatic robot carrying system machines:
    • Prewashing
    • Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Water stripping
    • Rinsing
    • Passivation
    • Drying
    Accessories and Add-ons (optional)
    • Vacuum drying
    • Filtration unit
    • Precise filtration unit
    • Oil stripping
    • Water purification unit
    • Automatic chemical dosage unit